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Call Queue (ACD)

Twilio Queue made easy.

Implementation of call queueing system (ACD, automatic call distribution) with routing to the next available agent.


Twilio queue feature doesn't provide you the way to notify your agents about new calls in queue and connect them with clients. If your agents are all busy you're probably losing your Clients by routing them to your voicemail.


This app automatically chooses the agent with longest idle time and connects with the caller or waits for the next available agent if all busy.

How it works

  1. Customer calls Twilio phone number and gets placed into the queue
  2. Queue Manager service tries to find available agent with longest wait time and connects caller with the agent
  3. Agent application (web page) where agent is logged in, receives message and initiates connection to Customer waiting in Twilio queue
  4. If there are no agents ready to handle the call, Queue Manager waits for the next available agent and then connects her with Customer.

Want to try DEMO?

  1. Open agent application.Click on the link to open a new browser window with an agent application to handle calls.
  2. Dial number +1 (925) 350-8087 Make a call to the above number. It will be connected to the agent application you opened on previous step. Click "Accept call" and talk, don't hangup!
  3. Make a second call to the same # Dial the same number from your office or home phone. You will be placed into the queue to wait for the next available agent. Once you finish with your first call, agent will automatically receive the 2nd call.

What's included?

  • Source code. Well documented and organized.
  • Documentation. Step-by-step installation guide, architecture and code review.
  • Email support. We reply within 1 business day.


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PHP, Node.js
$ 99.00
Dmitry M.

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