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With this app you can use your web browser as a telephone. This app can place outgoing calls to any phone using a usb headset or microphone and also create a virtual dial pad to send touch tone digits. You may also optionally provision a traditional phone number to ring in the browser when called.

This app also allows you to put callers on hold and transfer calls to 3rd party numbers. If you need to ignore incoming call use a hangup button while your browser phone is ringing, so that other agents can pick up the call.


A user enters a phone number they want to call and clicks the 'Make Call' button. App will call the specified phone number and setup a call between that phone number and the browser. The call status and a disconnect button are displayed on the page and a browser based dialpad is available for touch tone entry. The parties may talk until one of them disconnects.

If an incoming call is detected, the browser will prompt the user to accept the call by flashing the Accept button, and make the connection if confirmed.

During the call user may transfer the call to any specified number by entering phone number in the transfer to phone # and clicking "Transfer" button.

User can also put caller on hold during the call and retrieve caller from holding by clicking the "Hold" button.

Demo application: https://browser-softphone.herokuapp.com/

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PHP, Javascript
$ 249.00
Dmitry M.

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