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Here you can add new items to the marketplace. Once you add an app or template it will be thoroughly reviewed by our specialists. If approved, your item will appear for sale.

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Short and sweet; There's a 40 character limit. Avoid stuffing the name with keywords or being overly descriptive; there's plenty of room for that in the description.
$5 minimum.
Choose a category that best describes your theme.
Describe your app and its features. What is your app about, what functionality it provides, what problems it solves. HTML is not permitted but you can structure and style your description using Markdown, which will render to clean HTML on your item's product page. See the official Markdown reference for syntax and examples. 18,000 character limit.
Upload image
Image must be 600 x 375 pixels in 24-bit PNG format. Maximum file size is 600kB. The image must be a full, unobstructed screenshot of the item (without browser chrome), devoid of additional marketing text or imagery.
It's highly recommended that you provide demo to show your clients functionality of your app. Something like this: https://twilio-queue-php.herokuapp.com/
Selling this item exclusively on Verbery App Store grants you 90% commission for each sale, while selling non-exclusively grants you 75% commission.
  • All code, images, or other assets that are not my own work have been appropriately licensed for use in the sale of my item. Aside from any licensed assets, this work is entirely my own and I have full rights to sell it on Verbery App Store.
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